What ads can CitrusAd serve?

The CitrusAd platform enables retailers to use one ad platform for multiple ad types, removing the need for multiple connections to different ad servers.

The CitrusAd platform is capable of serving various types of ads, including:

  • Product ads
  • Banner ads (static)
  • Banner X ads (responsive)
  • Brand pages.

Product ads (sponsored products)


Product ads served at the digital point of purchase are one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability and product sales. They allow advertisers to elevate their products to the digital ‘top shelf’ and promote products in a prime position.

Product ads served by CitrusAd will typically be merged with a retailer's organic listings before being served to the customer. This gives ads a more native look and feel, increasing customer engagement.

Banner (static) ads


Banner advertising is an excellent introduction to an advertiser's brand message and significantly influences both online and in-store sales. CitrusAd banners use selected products and their filters to ensure each ad is relevant to the context of the page it’s being served on.

Banner X (responsive) ads


Banner X ads are responsive banner ads with multiple components. CitrusAd sends each individual component of the banner, and the styling of these banners is handled by the retailer's front end. Banner X ads remain on brand and render effectively on any screen size.

Brand pages


Branded landing pages are a great way to display the full breadth of an advertiser’s products to existing and new customers. Editable in real-time, brands can create a branded 'aisle' on the digital shelf to go live on the website with no development work required on a per page basis.