Catalog products reference

The below outlines the properties possible in a standard sync request as outlined in Syncing products via API.

Request items

catalogIdThe catalog you are syncing to.Required628dbe95-2ec9-4e07-881d-3e9f92ab2e0b
filtersThe filters associated with your product. This may be be category, location, and brand information.Required"category:Health&Beauty","category:Grocery","Brand:Covergirl","Special_Flag:0"
groupsUsed for cross and upsell campaigns.Deprecated for selection groups.
Still required for cross and upsell campaigns
[ "subClassName:Milk", "xSellSubClassName:Coffee", "xSellSubClassName:Tea" "vendor:MilkBrand" ]
gtinThe product code of the product in your system.Required23556578965543
inventoryThe inventory of the product in your system. If set to 0, product ads will not serve.

If you cannot provide the number, do not send this field and CitrusAd will default inventory to `1
priceThe price of the productOptional9.90
profitThe profit made on the productOptional
tagsUsed to sync your product name and image that is surfaced in the CitrusAd portal. Follow the structure in the example.Required"imageurl:<","name:Covergirl> Clean 120 Creamy Natural Liquid Foundation30mL"
sellerIdThe unique Id of the seller. sellerIds are typically used when onboarding marketplace sellers.Optional73nns-32sxr-32ss Custom per integration