Go live checklist

In preparation for release to production, you should ensure all of the below items are complete.

Catalog syncSyncing your catalog with the CitrusAd system daily.Catalog & products
Customer sync (optional)Syncing your customer data with the CitrusAd system daily.Customer data
Ad generationEnsure you are requesting ads from CitrusAd every single page load. Caching is not supported.HTTP persistence, ad caching & endpoints
Product ads
Banner ads (static)
Banner x
Brand pages
Rendering adsEnsure you are rendering ads sent by CitrusAd are rendered to your customer.As above.
Reporting impressionsEnsure you are reporting impressions to CitrusAd correctly for each ad viewed by your customers.Reporting impressions & clicks
Reporting clicksEnsure you are reporting clicks to CitrusAd correctly for each ad clicks by your customers including right clicks.Reporting impressions & clicks
Reporting ordersEnsure you are reporting orders to CitrusAd correctly for each order submitted. Ensure advertisements are attributing correctly.Order data
UAT testingTest your integration to ensure it is correctly implemented.UAT tests
Updated configurations to production.Ensure your production configuration is pointing to the correct BASE URL and you are using the correct production keys (catalogId, contentStandardId, API key).