Category Cross-sell

Category cross-sell placements allow advertisers to target complimentary categories than categories their products automatically appear in. These are a great way for advertisers to drive visibility in complimentary categories to their products (such as Coffee products on the Dairy category on a retailer's site)

Category cross-sell placements are a standalone placement integration. These are recommended to integrate as an additional product carousel on your website on the relevant category page to maintain your customer experience. Category cross-sell placements can also be integrated on PDP.

Opportunity as a retailer:

  • Opens up incremental strategic revenue opportunities for new placements. Can be integrated on category, PDP, and even checkout placements (with some integration work)]
  • (Advised) If you're able to provide the relevant category -> category mappings, CitrusAd can auto approve product ad campaigns if you're on the default approval method
  • Integration could be as simple as duplicating a category ad request and implementing additional logic (subject to each retailer). This is detailed further in Integration requirements.


Not compatible with location targeting or category minimum bids

The location targeting capability is not currently compatible with cross-sell categories, and category minimum bids are not supported on category cross-sell placements.