Timeouts and graceful fallback behaviour


In the unlikely event of latency by the CitrusAd system, it is best practice to ensure that you have implemented a timeout on your CitrusAd request to ensure there is no negative impact to your customer experience.

This is defined by the retailer, however, CitrusAd typically advises a timeout of 400-500ms to be implemented to ensure your time to customer is not impacted.

Gracefull fallback behaviour

CitrusAd may not have ads for the context of the ad request on your website. You should ensure that your website does not display a large empty area where the ad is expected. This applies to both product and banner ads.


Successfully served banner ad image

In the rare event the above banner ad is not served, you should be prepared to hide the banner ad area, and ensure a blank space isn't served to your customer.


Banner ad not served image