HTTP persistence & endpoints

HTTP persistence

CitrusAd requires a persistent HTTP connection. Without it, ad generation requests will take longer, and response times will be slower than desired. Ad generation requests should be made on a persistent connection and not have a new connection generated every time a new ad generation request is made to ensure you can receive CitrusAd's services at the intended speed.

Every TLS handshake generated has a cost, and the more TLS handshakes that are established, the more expensive the transfer of data is from CitrusAd to your ecommerce website. Maintaining a persistent HTTP connection avoids congestion and improves HTTP response times.


To learn more about HTTP persistent connections, please visit the following resources:

Endpoint URL

You are free to name the endpoint connecting your e-commerce server and your e-commerce site as you wish. However, as a native ad solution, CitrusAd advises avoiding any endpoint naming structure that includes ‘ads’.


If your endpoint contains ‘ads’, it’s much more susceptible to ad blocking which reduces your revenue opportunities.