Banner x reference

The below outlines the properties possible in a standard request as outlined in Requesting ads for your request, and the response if you receive an ad.

Requested items

BannerSlotIdsA json array of the banner slotIds being requested.Required
catalogIdYour product catalog identifier for your website.Required
contentStandardIdThe content standard identifier for your website.Required
customerIdThe unique identifier for the customer being served ads.Optional
filterModeOptional way of defining the structure of your request. See Ad generation filtering for more information.Optional, preferred
maxNumberOfAdsThe maximum number of each banner slot you would like returned.Required
optionsOptional way of defining the structure of your request. See Ad generation filtering for more information.Optional, preferred
placementThe unique placement you are requesting ads for.Required
productFiltersAny product filters relevant to your request. Such as a category, location, or size filter.Required for category placements
searchTermThe search term entered by your customer into your website.Required for search placements
sessionIdThe unique identifier of the customer's session. Used for attribution in standard integrations. Review Integration workflow options for more information.Required in standard integrations
slotIdThis contains any requested SlotId in the context. There can be one or many.Required

Returned items

StringDescriptionExample value
backgroundColourThe background colour of the banner - HEX values only.6e6c6c
backgroundImageThe image link of the banner background image.[<https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3>](https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3`)
backgroundImagePositionThis defines the position type of the background image. If no value, you will need to default to leftaligned .leftaligned
bannerTextThe text displayed in the banner. May include HTML tags<strong>Double Fudge Ice Cream</strong>
bannerTextColourThe banner text colour - HEX values only. Citrus does not send the #.1dc711
citrusAdIdThe unique id of the ad.
This is unique to each request made to CitrusAd and cannot be cached.
citrusCampaignNameThe campaign name of the ad.CitrusAd-Example-Category-Banner-X-Ad-ae536b0d5c3ded28ea624ab4285facd6
citrusContentStandardIdThe content standard id related to the slot.8jsuwnfwe-1435-460b-9d2b-5d838e3dba9c
citrusExpiryThe expiry of the ad. This is the latest point in which a click can be reported to CitrusAd2021-06-01T23:48:16.573967987Z
citrusSlotIdThe id of the specific slot for the banner you have requested.Category_Top
contentStandardIdThe content standard id related to the slot. Duplicate of citrusContentStandardId8jsuwnfwe-1435-460b-9d2b-5d838e3dba9c
ctaFlagThis defines if a CTA is shown or not.true
ctaLinkThe url forwarded from the CTA (this is like linkUrl for banners). Only served if ctaFlag is true<>
ctaTextThe text within the CTA.Shop now
ctaTextAccessibilityAccessibility text of the CTA for screen reader users.for Double Fudge Ice Cream
gtinsAn array of up to 20 product codes selected from the campaign's advertised products.

Retailers may use this list to automate lister pages when the banner is clicked, or automate certain rendering functionality (roundels, pricing, secondary stock level checking).
[ "7714107", "7163379", "7733636", "7733657", "7733628" ],
headingTextHeading text for screen reader users.Banner Advertisement for Fudge Double Ice Cream with a product image and shop now button
heroImageAltTextAlternative text for the hero image in the rare event it doesn't display.Image of double fudge iced cream
heroImageThe image link of the hero image of the banner.[<https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3>](https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3`)
positionThe banner's position in the CitrusAd response. You should honour this position in the event fixed tenancy campaigns are utilised.1
secondaryBackgroundImageThe image link of the secondary background image.[<https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3>](https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3`)
secondaryBackgroundImagePositionThis defines the position type of the secondary background image.leftaligned
secondaryHeroImageAltTextAlternative text for the secondary hero image in the rare event it doesn't display.Image of [brand] logo
secondaryHeroImageThe image link of the secondary hero image.[<https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3>](https://cdn.[server].io/s/9b93e7f9-d747-4c8b-bcba-2357b280a3b3`)
secondaryHeroModeThis defines the display mode of the secondary hero image. If no value, you will need to default to block .block
slotIdThe slot ID of the banner you have requested. When requesting multiple banners, this can be used to reference the IDs requested.Category_Top
tagsThis field returns any third party tags entered by the advertiser in their campaign. This is not currently something supported by banner x, though the API response is formatted.{}
sellerIdThe unique Id of the seller. Will only populate if a sellerId is set on a team. sellerIds are typically used when onboarding marketplace sellers.73nns-32sxr-32ss Custom per integration


If there is a field not configured as part of the ad's campaign, it will not be served. i.e if the advertiser has not configured a heroImage, CitrusAd will not serve the heroImage property.