Order data

CitrusAd requires order data to generate relevant ads. Syncing orders is also highly valuable for advertiser and retailer dashboards within the CitrusAd portal, as orders are used in sales, conversion, sale value and ROAS calculations. This data is extremely useful for advertising teams, as they can analyse investment effectiveness, and contribute additional spend in response.


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Syncing order data

Synchronising order data involves the retailer sending a customer's sessionId in the ad request, then in the order data sync with CitrusAd. With this information, CitrusAd is able to review the adIds provided for the sessionId's ad requests and attribute accordingly within the configured attribution window.

If desired, the sessionId can be substituted with a long-term hashed customer identifier to attribute across sessions. To learn more, please speak to your Technical Account Manager.

Integration requirements

With this integration, you are required to send CitrusAd the customer's unique session identifier in the ad request and order confirmation, like the example below:

   "orders": [
        "customerId": "npc-s243-ir",
        "catalogId": "6adb93d0-7he4-4d4e-9b47-e5d3714c976a",
        "sessionId": "5cat7-9964-4f",
        "orderDate": "2021-12-02T15:00:00Z",
        "id": "3h30e938-c158-4d78-a0af-b48bbwfrcss4",
        "orderItems": [
                  "gtin": "9891998566P",
                  "quantity": 3,
                  "regularUnitPrice": "1.00",
                  "totalOrderItemPriceAfterDiscounts": "3.00"              


This sessionId must be the same as what is provided in the ad request sent to CitrusAd.