Order reference

The below outlines the properties possible in a standard sync request as outlined in Syncing order data via API.

Request items

gtinThis is the code to identify the product in the order.Required9891998566P
idThis is the identifier of the order in the retailer's system.

If not provided, CitrusAd will generate an identifier.
orderDateThis is the date or the date and time of the order. This must be in the format of ISO-8601 standard and must be a precise, full timestamp, e.g. 2019-03-14T15:06:17+10:00.

Must be in UTC time, or timezone adjusted as per the example above.
catalogIdThe catalog ID you are syncing orders for. Useful for multi-retailer syncing via API.
Not applicable for file sync.
orderItemsAn array of all items submitted within the order.Required[ { "gtin": "9891998566P", "quantity": 3, "regularUnitPrice": "1.00", "totalOrderItemPriceAfterDiscounts": "3.00" } ]
quantityThe quantity of products orderedRequired3
regularUnitPriceThe regular unit price of the product in the order.Optional2.99
sessionIdThis is a generated id you control that identifies a user's session. CitrusAd can use this for purchase attribution.Required in a standard integration5cat7-9964-4f
totalOrderItemPriceAfterDiscountsThis is the total price of the products with discounts. E.g. if an order item contains 3 items with a price of 2.00, the value will be 6.00.Optional5.98
sellerIdThe unique Id of the seller. Only required if onboarding marketplace sellers. Can be left blank for non marketplace products.

There are additional requirements to integrate seller_ids, please refer to Marketplace sellerId for more information.
Optional73nns-32sxr-32ss Custom per integration