You can find more technical information below on the Requests and Responses involved when serving Brand Pages.


curl --location --request GET '${URL}/api/v1/brand-page:static?url=${url}&retailer=${retailer}'
--header 'Authorization: Basic ${apiKey}

urlThe url the customer is on that has been sanitised from any query parameters.
retailerThis is the unique ID of the brand page. This is generated as a brand page is published/saved by an advertiser.
Send in lowercase in your request.
apiKeyYour API key. This is specific to the brand pages product and can be found in the portal.(currently in finalisation)


idThe unique ID of the serve. This should be stored for debugging purposes.26f6117c-147b-4447-86aa-992e9ddb0daa
brandPageIdThis is the unique ID of the brand page. This is generated as a brand page is published/saved by an advertiser.262cb376-63dd-4e0c-8a6a-a7fd04f2ae82
brandPageTemplateIdThis is the specific ID for the template that has been used to generate the brand page, this could be used by a retailer to determine how to render the content (such as if it's a basic/standard/premium brand page).8e0d8836-aa23-42e5-84e1-535c7c9ced33
data.[0].idThe nested ID within each segment is the segment ID that is automatically generated when a segment is created - this ID is unique to the segment but may be used across multiple brand pages and brand page templates.1b5a2521-9e79-4b95-99b0-4deffc586d81
data.[0].nameThis ID is defined by the retailer and added when CitrusAd creates a specific segment. It will allow a retailer to map the data returned to the place it belongs on the page in a way that makes sense to the retailer. This can be used if a retailer has multiple banners as they can differentiate between them in the response e.g. topbanner, middlebanner, bottombanner and so on.headingText
data.[0].productSelection.catalogIdThe unique catalogId of the product. This will be the same catalogId as in the core platform.5234abe0-40cd-481f-9d99-596c88ede340
data.[0].productSelection.positionThe position of the product on the page. This needs to be respected as advertisers are able to select which products appear in order on the page.1
data.[0].productSelection.productCodeThe unique product code in the catalog provided by the retailer. The same as gtin in the /v1/ads response.67890-987SKUABC
data.[0].productSelection.sellerIdThe unique marketplace sellerID of the product. Used when marketplace sellers are onboarded to the platform. Can be ignored for non marketplace retailers.678a9-3-2d4c54-q