What to do if I call CitrusAd and there is no response or content.

When CitrusAd doesn't respond with content, you are advised to render an empty page with a back button, or something similar to "there's nothing here" like the example below:

This is called graceful fallback.

When reviewing why CitrusAd hasn't served a brand page, we advise you to review in the platform if there is a page that is meant to served. In this case, if you've verified there isn't a page set-up in the platform; you should review if there is an error in the creative forwarding to this page, or if you should have a brand page set up in the platform.

Alternatively, in the event of no brand page being served, some retailers choose to forward users back to the home page.

Can I use these for internal landing pages too?

Yes, each brand page has a cost associated with it. This cost is taken from the template. As the MVP is launching without reporting, you will simply be able to use it with this cost associated with the page and ignore the cost.

How does CitrusAd know which template to respond with?

When creating a brand page, users specify a URL in the portal when they choose a template. As we know the URL of the brand page in the request, we know which campaign it is for, and therefore which template it is associated with.