Customer data

Syncing customer data

To generate personalised ads, CitrusAd requires access to customer data. This section explains how to send customer and order data to CitrusAd.

You can sync your customer data with CitrusAd via API or via file.

Best use of customer data integration for targeting

CitrusAd's customer targeting capability enables advertisers to target types of users based on customer groupings based on a key:value pair.

As CitrusAd's customer targeting is based on key:value pairings from retailer 1st party data, it is best to use this feature for qualitative data ingestion for specific customer groups, as opposed to behavioural audiences (such as purchased XYZ product in the last Y days).

An example of this would be for example customer's ages or similar. Here is an example where qualitative audiences are integrated.


Known limitations

To guide your integration successfully, please be aware of the below:

  • A customer can only be tagged with one value per key. In the example above, one customerId cannot be tagged with "Retail" and "Corporate"
  • If integrating customer targeting, fixed tenancy cannot be used currently for the ad type you are activating customer targeting for.

Ingesting bulk customer data

When integrating, we recommend that you send your first batch of customer data as a file for ingestion, as the API accepts batches of 100 at a time. You can then decide whether you would prefer to sync future updates via API or file.