Banner X Ad Content Standard

In order to make it possible for advertisers to place Banner Ads on an integrator's e-commerce site, a content standard is needed. Content standards define what conditions must be met for the creative that advertisers create and upload.

Below is an example of a content standard page that defines a Banner X Ad slot on an example integrator's website. The Banner Ad slot in this instance (Category / Search) is located at the top of the website sub category page above the first row of product tiles.

Once you have defined the rules around how Banner X Ads should look on your website and where they will appear throughout your website, Banner X Ads will appear in your admin console for approval before they become part of the dynamic auctions that are available to advertisers to bid on.

When you (the integrator) have defined your content standard, advertisers will provide content to fill the slots, which you will then use the CitrusAd interface to approve for inclusion on your e-commerce website.

How to Define a Content Standard and Share it with CitrusAd

This section explains how an integrator defines a content standard and provides the content standard to CitrusAd so that Banner Ads can be made available to advertisers.

Example Content Standard

The content standard is the list of all slots on your website and their attributes. These attributes include the width and height of the Banner X Ad, supported image types, specific Banner X Ad rules, guidelines for any branding or use of colour within the Banner X Ad and the slot id of the Banner X Ad. Each Banner X Ad location on your website is known as a "slot", and each slot has a unique "slot id".

Multiple page types can host the same "slot" depending on your integration. An example of this would be a "category" Banner Ad. This could be hosted on multiple category levels within your site.

Providing Content Standard Data to CitrusAd

To create your content standard you will need to provide CitrusAd appropriate details about your website. This should be screenshots or links to pages of your website with the information in the section below called "Necessary Fields in the Content Standard". CitrusAd will then convert your content standard into code that will make your Banner Ad slots available for real-time auction to advertisers.

For Banner X Ads you may be required to send CitrusAd relevant information about how your banner ads display at different formats. This is likely to involve sharing snippets of your CSS code to ensure CitrusAd can create an effective Banner creator for advertisers to use.

If you are unsure what pages and positions to serve Banner X Ads, contact CitrusAd for our opinion on where to serve ads to best monetise your website.