API Introduction

An overview of the CitrusAd API for integrators.

Before you can integrate with CitrusAd, you will need a Retailer team created for you. Contact CitrusAd to create integration teams.


When integrating, please refer to any of the below resources for more information:




CitrusAd homepage

CitrusAd Knowledge Base

Retailer and supplier knowledge base with information of each and every feature.


A list and explanation of all relevant terms used

Integration Checklist

A summary of all required steps to complete a basic integration

CitrusAd Endpoints

CitrusAd uses various endpoints to sync data and generate ads. A brief summary is below:





Syncing catalogs

Used to create catalogs Via API


Syncing products

Used to create and update product data within a catalog


Syncing customers

Used to create and update customer data within a catalog


Sending orders

Used to send order data to CitrusAd


Generating ads

Used to generate product ads and banner ads


Generating ads

Used to generate banner x ads

You do not need to use endpoints for catalog, product, customer and order syncing. CitrusAd supports syncing data via file which may be suitable for larger integrators.

Locating Team ID & API Key

To interact with each API you will need access to the CitrusAd staging platform. Please contact CitrusAd for access. Your technical account manager will provide you your Team ID and API Key.

Content Type & Payload

The data payload is in JSON format. The Content-Type for these endpoints is application/json, which should be passed as a header in your requests:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \

Authenticating Requests

CitrusAd uses basic authentication, this should be passed as a header with your API key:

-H "Authorization: Basic 4ww25f70-b52s-40de-8f29-07b139b5cdc8" \

For backend integrations, you will only need the secret API key.

Base URLs

CitrusAd uses different base URLs for staging, as well as different production environments.

Contact CitrusAd to receive the staging Base URL. Production Base URLs are provided when you have completed your staging integration.