Email Banner Integration Guide

How to integrate to serve Email Banner Ads.


The Email Banner Integration Guide explains what a retailer must provide in order to use Email Banners. Retailers have control of generated Banner Ads.

Integration Process

The integration process for Email Banner Ads requires integration with your email serving client. The following steps on Citrus' side will be completed within the Citrus staging environment. Once everything is working correctly, you will then be ready for production.

  1. Provide necessary data to Citrus to generate your content standard

  2. Your content standard will be sent for approval

  3. Once approved, your content standard will be loaded into your namespace and your content standard ID will be generated

  4. Ensure your email serving client is capable of creating Event IDs

  5. Ensure your email serving client is capable of requesting Banner Ads

  6. You are ready to request email ads

What is an Event ID?

At Citrus we use Event IDs to define a specific time and type of email sent out.

Your advertisers use the Citrus Admin portal to bid for placement on outgoing email marketing content. Each Event ID is tied to an individual email that is being sent. An example would be the Event ID "HBE934u-Fefre-fr34a-92kdf" being tied to the "Week 18 - Beauty Product" marketing email.

To better understand this, you should know the Email Banner Ad upload process for Advertisers.

Email Banner Ad Upload Process

For Advertisers, the process to submit an Email Banner Ad is straightforward:

  1. Refer to the Email Banner Ad content standard to select the appropriate email slot they wish to bid for

  2. Create their Banner Ad(s) that adhere to the content standard

  3. Navigate the Citrus Admin Portal and create a new Email campaign

  4. Select the appropriate Email Event they wish to appear in (such as "Week 33 - Confectionery Offers")

  5. Upload their Banner Ad(s) to the appropriate Email slotIDs

  6. Select their Ad Strategy and Ad Targeting Parameters for their Email Ad

  7. Launch their campaign

Once Advertisers have completed this process. A team member within the Retailer must approve Banner Ads that adhere to the content standard prior to the email's generation.

Email Event ID Creation and Syncing

In order to serve Email Banner Ads to your emails, you must ensure you are creating Event IDs and communicating them to Citrus. This is dependent on each email serving engine and may require integration resources. Contact Citrus to discuss how this will be made possible in your integration process.

Are You Ready to Request Email Banner Ads?

This guide assumes you have already created your catalog, created your products, and are sending customer and order data to Citrus.

The Email Banner Ad Context

In order to request Email Banner Ads, you must provide a context. See "The Email Banner Ad Context" for more information.