Brand Page Integration Guide


The Brand Page Integration Guide explains what a retailer must provide in order to serve Brand Pages.

How do Brand Pages work?

CitrusAd's Brand Pages work by specifying a special pageType of "BrandPage", and specifying any additional request parameters that provide context of the user. Currently, this supports a full with Banner X top banner and 15 product ads. Individual calls are made to the /generate and the /bannerx endpoint.

From each endpoint's response, you will be able to render the page on your own e-commerce site.

CitrusAd does not serve the entire Brand Page, simply the content required for your e-commerce site to render the page. This ensures content always appears native as well as hosted on your e-commerce site.

Integration Process

The following steps on CitrusAd's side will be completed within the staging environment. Once everything is working correctly, you will then be ready for production. The integration process for Brand Pages is typically straight forward and commonly implemented once a retailer already has experience with CitrusAd's API:

  1. Generate your content standard PDF

  2. Your content standard will be sent for approval

  3. Once approved, your content standard will be loaded into your namespace and your content standard ID will be generated

  4. Your environment will have Brand Pages activated

  5. You are ready to request the required assets from CitrusAd's API

Are You Ready to Request Brand Pages from CitrusAd?

This guide assumes you have already created your catalog, created your products, and are sending customer and order data to CitrusAd.

Once you are ready to request your brand page, you will need to generate your content standard.