Selecting your Products

Selecting Individual Products or Products via Attributes?

When selecting your products to advertise, you may select each individual product, or add multiple products by the attributes they share.

Unless you are testing your Products by attributes integration, select Products

Selecting Individual Products

When you have elected to select individual products for your campaign, you will then be required to select the products you want to promote by using the "product look up" tool, which is shown in the image below. You can search for your products by entering the product description (name) or barcode number of the product or keywords associated with the product (such as your brand name).

You can select one product or many products to be part of a campaign. If more than one of your products contains similar attributes or if multiple products qualify for the same search terms, you should select all of the applicable products and put them in one campaign.

You can search for individual SKUs in the tool.

We advise you select specific SKUs that will show in testing environments.

When you have selected your products, click the next button to proceed.