Ad Strategy

Selecting Your Spending Strategy

There are two options in the CitrusAd system:

  • Daily Spend

  • Total Spend

Daily Spend:

The system will let you select a maximum spend per day. Once you have exhausted your daily spend, your ads will stop showing until the next calendar day where your campaign will resume its new daily budget for that day.

Total Spend:

The system will allow for funds to be spent as quickly as possible for the campaign until they run out. \

For testing purposes, you can select any spend type.

Selecting Your Maximum Spend (your campaign budget)

Selecting a maximum ensures that your campaign stops when this budget is exhausted, and ensures that the campaign never exceeds the limit that you set. For testing, this can be any value as you will be allocated adequate testing credits.

The value you select will only act as the maximum amount that can be spent.

For testing purposes, any large value above $1000 should be sufficient.

Selecting your Maximum Cost Per Click

Select the maximum cost per click for the campaign.

For testing purposes, any value above the minimum should be sufficient


Visit the Average Winning Cost Per Clicks page for more information